Homemade Water Slide

Click here for instructions from the We Made That blog.

Summer isn’t over yet, kid-makers, and we know you’re still looking for ways to turn your backyard into a water park! Add to the splashy fun of the  Water Bottle Sprinkler and Backyard Bike Wash projects we posted earlier this summer with your own homemade waterslide! Some people call these “slip and slides”, after the popular toy.

Slip and slides are simple to make and super fun for adults and kids alike. The kind you buy at the store, though, can be too narrow or too short, which is why when lots of folks think of slip and slides they think of ….. grass burns!

As makers, we like to improve on things so that they work better. That’s part of why we loved these instructions of how to make your own slip and slide that’s 10 feet wide by 25 feet long from the We Made That blog! In fact, you can even buy plastic rolls at the hardware store that are 10 feet wide by 100 feet long for as little as $5.

Helpful Tips:

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Part 2: Sock Stuffed Animals …. That Make Noise!

In this set of 2 posts, we guide you to the info you’ll need to make your own sock animal that actually talks, beeps or sings!  Click here to read Part 1. Now that you have your homemade sock stuffed animal, it’s time for the noisy part!

Make your sock dog honk with circuit bending!

Circuit bending is a popular hack in maker culture. Circuit benders remove the noise-making parts of existing things – like toys – and use them to make their own sounds. Some circuit benders are musicians who use the toy parts like instruments. Others are just interested in repurposing the noises into funny new toys.

Click below to learn how to circuit bend. Keep in mind that you can also simply reuse the sound-maker inside your animal without any changes, if you’d like. Circuit bending is a whole realm of making, so start simple and experiment with more advanced projects as you learn. It’s a good idea to have an adult helper with you for safety when circuit bending.

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Part I: Sock Stuffed Animals …. That Make Noise!

Click here to learn to make a sock dog from Create Studio

Making your own sock stuffed animal is fun and creative. But as kid-makers, we know you like to do things that are SUPER fun and creative! In this set of 2 posts, we’ll guide you to the info you’ll need to make your own sockanimal that actually talks, beeps or sings.

Check out Part II of this project to learn about how to make your sock animal beep, honk or speak using the maker technique of circuit bending …

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MmmTsss: DIY Sound Looping Software

Kid - Makers, do you want to make some noise but don’t know how to play an instrument?

If you answered YES, may we suggest MmmTsss. 

Don’t exactly know how to pronounce it? Just sound it out slowly, MMM - T –  SSS.   Yes, now repeat it a couple of times, MMMTSSS, MMMTSSS, MMMTSSS. Can you go any faster?  You should sound like you are laying down the beat of a hip hop song!

Developed by the MIT Media Lab, MmmTsss, is free software to make sounds loop, or play over and over again.  All you need is a computer and a microphone.  Sure, it will sound silly at first, but you can layer so many different sounds, in an endless repeat.  You’ll be beat boxing in no time!

Check it out.

To share your experience, or to tell us about musical projects you’d like to learn, email us at  info@makeshopshow.com

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Upcycle Your Flip Flops

Kid-makers, we know you like redesigning things to suit your own style … AND you love to be good to the earth. Check out these simple instructions for how to create your own custom sandals from the soles of old or broken flip flops!

Click here to braid your own flip flop straps!

Start by cutting the thong off and removing the ends from the base to start your new flip flops with just the rubber sole. (You’ll want to ask an adult for help with this part, since it requires a sharp blade.)

  • DIY Sandals from BurdaStyle: We love these great photos and step-by-steps for making new straps. Keep scrolling for a 2nd lesson in Friendship Bracelet flip flops!
  • Sandals from an old t-shirt from Etsy’s How-Tuesday blog: What can’t you make out of an old t-shirt?!
  • “Knot So Hard” (get it?) fabric flip flops from The Mother Huddle: These are super cute, girl makers!
  • Braided strap sandals by make it and love it: If you know how to braid, you can make these very simply.

You can also combine this idea with …

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Monkey Cupcakes (with DIY Icing Bag)

Learn to make a cake decorator’s icing bag with simple things from home, then join kid-maker Kristin and baker Chris to decorate monkey cupcakes with all kinds of silly, creative toppings!

As always, we don’t just inspire you to make – we give you the tips you need to do it yourself, kid-makers!

Click below for instructions and recipes …

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Vegetable Instruments

Image: Nils Jorgensen/Rex Features

Kid-makers, you are never going to believe this. There is a whole entire orchestra that performs music on VEGETABLES. Check out this video , showing the musical makers of the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra choosing their veggies at the market, drilling carrots and radishes to build their instruments, then performing live in a concert hall. Did you know that you could just pull a veggie out of the fridge and make a clarinet, drum or kazoo? This is The MAKESHOP™ Show, so of course we’ll show you how!

Below are videos and instructions to make your own vegetable instruments

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